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Guide to Philippines Tourism & Top Philippines Travel Destinations like Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Camiguin, Manila & Davao. Philippines Travel Guide, Updated Information, Facts, History, Culture, Tradition & Honest Personal Experiences.

Traveling & working at the same time

Because we still love to travel, we are now developing a plan to allow us to travel and work at the same time. Working & traveling can go together especially if you enjoy experiencing the culture of the people around. Now that we are in the Events Industry and we have made many projects for people to appreciate, we are looking for ways to impart our knowledge and experiences to people from all over the country. We want to help […]

Sand Castle in Boracay

Boracay is one of the most popular places in the Philippines that offer a pristine white-sand beach. People living in the island and visitors of this paradise love to make Sand Castles or other designs that looks nice. Sand Castle in Boracay is one of the main attractions of the island. Usually visible during early mornings and evenings, these simple attractions normally has the current date carved to it so tourists in the island would love to take pictures and […]

Back to Travel Blogging this 2014

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. I got so busy with a part-time business venture, which eventually turned out to become the bread and butter of the family. My wife and I got into the Balloons & Party Supplies business and we can consider our success rate, based on the bookings, to be increasing every month, which is the main reason why we stopped doing some of the things we love including travelling and writing […]

Ligiron: A Philippine Extreme Sport

For those who love adventure and races, Ligiron may be one of the must-try activities for you. Considered as one of the Extreme Sports in the country, Ligiron already exists in the Philippines decades ago but it was only recently when a team of Negrense (people living in Negros) organized a racing event, which they call “Palumba, Paambak sa Ligiron”. Ligiron comes from the local word Ligid (Wheel) – it literally means “to use the Wheel”. Held last June 9, […]

Davao Chinatown

Located in the city center, the Davao Chinatown, which encompasses the areas of Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Monteverde Avenue, Sta. Ana Avenue, and Leon Garcia Street, is a trading center of various business establishments built by Filipino-Chinese, who are living in the Mindanao area. Also known as Mindanao Chinatown, Davao Chinatown is around 44 hectares and it is the only business center found in the Mindanao region in the Philippines. The Archways or the main entrance of Davao Chinatown is near […]

Wide-variety of products and services in Boracay

One of the reasons tourists flock to the island of Boracay is its different ambiance from the City. Visited by millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, the pristine-white sand Beach of Boracay is no longer the only thing the visitors can enjoy. They can also avail the wide-variety of adventures, services and products offered in the island. One good example of these unique products are the hand-painted shirts and the fresh sea-foods. You can also buy the delicious […]

Almont Beach Resort

Strategically situated in the secluded northwest part of Surigao, Almont Beach Resort, sometimes called as Almont Resort Hotel, is one of the finest Hotels in the city. Located about 5 kilometers from the city center, Almont Beach Resort offers high-quality rooms, foods and amenities. It is the “go to” resort for most foreigners visiting the area because of its relaxing ambiance, outside the hustle and bustle of the city. From the Airport of Surigao or the City Hall, near the […]

Calape Catholic Church

One of the less visited old churches in the island of Bohol, the Calape Catholic Church is a Gothic-inspired place for public worship dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer. Named after a type of rattan, locally named as kalapi or kapi, the town of Calape, as well as the church established in 1802, is situated about 40 kilometers northwest of Tagbilaran City. Calape is on the western coast of Bohol. The town was established in 1802. The first settlers were said […]

Seafood in Boracay

For many travelers, Boracay means beach, adventure & fun but for food lovers, the island offers a distinctive taste of freshly cooked seafood. There are different variety of seafood in Boracay from fishes of different kinds such as Tuna, Marlin and Bangus to Shrimps, Lobsters & Seaweeds. Most restaurant in the island offers seafood but only a few can cook it with finesse. Before choosing your fresh seafood, try to check the prices first and compare with the nearby stores. […]

Sagbayan Peak Water Park

Situated about 35 kilometers from Tagbilaran City in Bohol, the Sagbayan Peak Water Park is a tourist destination that is gradually getting the attention of the islands’ visitors. Their facility, which includes a uniquely-designed swimming pool and clubhouse, is a perfect place to hold a Sunday bonding with the family or even held parties and special events. The Sagbayan Water Park in Bohol is a child-friendly park, which has a security personnel and lifeguard on-duty during open hours. It has […]

  • Come! Discover the Philippines

    What makes the Philippines more than a usual holiday destination?

    Some say, when the Gods created the Philippine island, they liked it so much, they decided to create seven thousand more. That meant having over seven thousand different views of the sun, and many different beaches like Boracay, which is probably unlike anywhere you’ve ever been.

    They say that Gods took their time when they made this paradise. Having thousand of islands also meant that our wildlife and marine life are among the most diverse in the world.

    Even our history comes in many chapters, each one with the different theme. Our colors come in infinite forms and our melting pot of cultures contain more than the usual ingredients, so you can expect more than the usual festivals every year.

    We’re oriental, and were western too! That’s why no matter where you're from, the Philippines will feel like home.

    Many come here to learn... and play. We just love taking the usual things further like honeymooning , relaxing, partying, and shopping. You haven’t seen a real bargain unless you shop here.

    And if we like to over do things here in the Philippines just imagine what it’s like, to be our guest!

  • It’s More Fun in the Philippines

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