Corregidor’s Mile-Long Barracks

The Mile-Long Barracks in Corregidor is the world’s longest military barracks. The entire building measures 1,520 feet in length. American officers and enlisted personnel assigned at the garrison are quartering in these barracks. The headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur was also situated in this building.

The Mile-Long Barracks is a 3 story hurricane proof building. It is located in the Topside part of the island just meters away from Cine Corregidor and Pacific War Memorial. The barracks blend to the distinct and thematic look of the buildings and munitions on the island.

The barracks is one of the heavily damaged buildings during World War II. What’s left now is the roofless and skeletal building to remind us how beautiful the building once was and the effect of the war to the island.

Corregidor's Mile-Long Barracks

Corregidor's Mile-Long Barracks

Mark and Lisa at the other side of the Barracks

Mark and Lisa at the other side of the Barracks

Bouying, Jim Ray, Lisa and RC at the Mile-Long Barracks

Bouying, Jim Ray, Lisa and RC at the Mile-Long Barracks

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  1. kenneth cruz says:

    yeah, the place is so beautiful,
    We’ve been there when I was like 8 or 9 and can still clearly remember how I was lost inside one of those buildings. That’s one of the scariest moments of my life! haha
    anyway, this is a great post you have there.

  2. Islandvacations says:

    I’ve been there with my wife. Truly, the Mile-long Barracks is a sight to behold especially for history buffs. Looking at the ruins reminds us that freedom is not entirely free. Congratulations for this post in this great blog.

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