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Guide to Philippines Tourism & Top Philippines Travel Destinations like Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Camiguin, Manila & Davao. Philippines Travel Guide, Updated Information, Facts, History, Culture, Tradition & Honest Personal Experiences.

Danao’s Plunge: Conquer your fear of heights

Many of us often feel a spinning sensation when we are on an elevation or in great heights. We feel fearful and often find ourselves going back to the ground level rather than conquering it. Termed as Acrophobia, the fear of heights may vary from person to person. Most of us experience a degree of natural fear when exposed to heights, especially if there is little or no protection. Those who are confident in such situations may be said to […]

Cable Car in Danao, Bohol

One of the activities offered by EAT Danao in Bohol, aside from the heart-pumping Plunge and Zipline, which they referred to as Suislide, is the Cable Car. Named as Sky Ride, the Cable Car Ride is an open-air cabin, suspended about 200 meters above the Wahig River. It is a 15 minute-ride back and forth in 300-meter solid steel cables. Everyone who rides the Cable Car will experience a panoramic view of the gorge (a deep ravine, usually with a […]

Fire Dance in Boracay

Fire Dance is one of the things you will see and experience when you visit Boracay. This is a dance where the dancer carries a couple of small flaming containers and dances freestyle or depending on the type of music they are dancing. The fire container is suspended on a metallic chain and one end is secured on the fingers of the dancer. The dancers will see to it that the fire will not throw away to the audiences. Fire […]

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Are you looking for a restaurant to dine which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city? A restaurant where you can enjoy good food, different ambiance, great Cebu City view on one-side and mangrove forests on the other side? I am talking about Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant. Lantaw according to http://translate.sandayong.com/cebuano/english/lantaw means “can be seen from a distance”, a name that fits since the restaurant offers a panoramic view of Cebu City. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant is […]

San Antonio de Padua Church in Sibulan, Negros Oriental

Situated in the town center of Sibulan in Negros Oriental, the simplistic-looking San Antonio de Padua Church welcomes the tourists to the small and peaceful municipality. About two kilometers north of the Dumaguete Airport, Sibulan is one of the many municipalities in the country that is base from Spanish ideas – the Municipal Hall is near the park, churches, schools and trading centers. The bell gabled San Antonio de Padua Church built in 1953 is an example of a simple […]

Our Lady’s Garden & Chicken Jo’s Inato by the sea

Situated in the town of Sibulan in Negros Oriental, a nice restaurant and a peaceful venue for reflection greet the visitors. Chicken Jo’s Inato by the sea offers sumptuous variety of foods including seafoods and grilled meat. Their delicious grilled chicken are their best sellers but their other food offerings are also great. They offer sodas, shakes, water and beer to their customers for refreshments. The lovely ambiance of Chicken Jo’s Inato in Sibulan is one of the reasons why […]

Parish Church of Saint Augustine of Hippo

One of the reasons church devotees and travelers visit Negros Oriental is that it is full of historical landmarks. One of these landmarks is an old church named after St. Augustine. The Parish of Saint Augustine of Hippo, situated in the town of Bacong in Negros Oriental, is a glimpse of how the Filipinos build a sturdy structure in the past. Situated at the side of Leon Kilat Park and the Municipal Hall of Bacong, the Parish Parish Church of […]

Suislide in Danao, Bohol

Aside from Bohol‘s amazing tourist attractions, the island is now offering a different way to entice travelers to visit the island. Developed and managed by the Local Government Unit of the town of Danao, the EAT Danao Adventure invites tourists to enjoy their heart-pumping adventures while helping the community. One of the sought-after activities here is Suislide, their own version and name of Zipline. Suislide in the town of Danao may not be new in the country but it is […]

Leon Kilat Monument in Bacong, Negros Oriental

Born on July 27, 1873 in Bacong, Negros Oriental, Pantaleon “Leon Kilat” Villegas (1873-1898) joined the Katipunan while in Manila after the killing of the Visayan anglers in Calle Camba, Binondo on September 1896. Arrested and detained by the Spaniards, Leon Kilat escaped and joined the Revolutionary forces in Cavite on 1897. Tasked by General Emilio Aguinaldo to expand the Revolutionary movement in Cebu on the same year, Leon Kilat led the uprising of Tres De Abril in the town […]

Landing of the first St. Paul of Chartres Sisters in the Philippines

On October 29, 1904, seven Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) landed in Dumaguete, Philippines to start a mission. They came at the invitation of Bishop Frederick Z. Rooker of the Diocese of Jaro (Iloilo), to which the island of Negros then belonged. Joyfully welcomed by the Dumaguetenos and easily built rapport with the townsfolk, the SPC began their mission in the Philippines with the establishment of St. Paul Academy, which opened on January 9, 1905 and now known […]

  • Come! Discover the Philippines

    What makes the Philippines more than a usual holiday destination?

    Some say, when the Gods created the Philippine island, they liked it so much, they decided to create seven thousand more. That meant having over seven thousand different views of the sun, and many different beaches like Boracay, which is probably unlike anywhere you’ve ever been.

    They say that Gods took their time when they made this paradise. Having thousand of islands also meant that our wildlife and marine life are among the most diverse in the world.

    Even our history comes in many chapters, each one with the different theme. Our colors come in infinite forms and our melting pot of cultures contain more than the usual ingredients, so you can expect more than the usual festivals every year.

    We’re oriental, and were western too! That’s why no matter where you're from, the Philippines will feel like home.

    Many come here to learn... and play. We just love taking the usual things further like honeymooning , relaxing, partying, and shopping. You haven’t seen a real bargain unless you shop here.

    And if we like to over do things here in the Philippines just imagine what it’s like, to be our guest!

  • It’s More Fun in the Philippines

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