Parochial School in Dapitan

The Parochial School in Dapitan, Philippines was built after Saint James Church, the second church of Dapitan, was finished. It is the first formal school in Dapitan which emphasizes the teaching of the Roman Catholic religion in addition to conventional education. Today, it has retained its original fa├žade but its sides and interiors have undergone several renovations and extensions due to the deterioration of some of the materials being used to build it. Some of the developments were financed by Dr. and Mrs. Lutke.

The Parochial School is run by the priests who made St. James Church and has been very keen in spreading the Catholic Religion throughout Dapitan. Presently, it is called as St. James Center and it serves as a function room used by different local religious organizations.

Parochial School

Parochial School

Dr. and Mrs Lutke's Hall

Dr. and Mrs Lutke's Hall

The Parochial School in Dapitan is one of the many religious schools in the Philippines. Other schools can be found in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Manila, Davao and many others.

The Parochial School is located just beside the church. It is facing the Liwasan ng Dapitan and it is very near to the Relief Map of Mindanao made by Dr. Jose P. Rizal and the Casa Real.

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